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My Name is Polka
 My Name Is Polka - Family Album  My Name Is Polka  
Musicians Polka
 Musicians Polka - Family Album  Musicians Polka  
Ja Parobek Z Kapusan
 Ja Parobek Z Kapusna Oberek - Family Album  Ja Parobek Z Kapusna Oberek  
Rock and Rye Polka

  Happy Louie and Julcia's Polka Band - Happy Louie and Julcia's Greatest Polkas, Vol. 1 - Rock and Rye Polka

Rock and Rye Polka

Time for Home Waltz
 Time for Home Waltz - Family Album  Time for Home Waltz  
Grajze Grajze Polka
 Grajze Grajku Polka - Family Album  Grajze Grajku Polka  
Memory Polka
 Memory Polka - Family Album  Memory Polka  
Sunflowers Oberek
 Sunflower Oberek - Family Album  Sunflower Oberek  
Money Polka
 Money Polka - Family Album  Money Polka  
Kumotor Polka
 Kumoter Polka - Family Album  Kumoter Polka  
Polish Waltz Medley
 Polish Waltz Medley - Family Album  Polish Waltz Medley